About Us

Welcome to Mid-South Presbytery, your haven for all things spiritual, folklore, symbolism, and mythology enthusiasts.

Our purpose is clear: to provide you with captivating content that not only entertains but also ignites your curiosity, leaving you with the same sense of awe that I experience while delving into these fascinating topics.

Join us as we traverse myths, decode symbols, muse on spirituality, and dive into lore. Let your imagination wander as we embark on this journey. We’re delighted you’re here!

The Purpose of Mid-South Presbytery

At Mid-South Presbytery, our goal is to be a trusted source for learning about the diversity of religious and spiritual traditions in an objective way.

We strive to offer insightful articles that explore different faiths and philosophies with an open mind. Our hope is to foster greater understanding between people of all beliefs.

We achieve this goal by crafting exceptional articles that are not only informative but also highly engaging, providing an accessible avenue for individuals to expand their knowledge.

Furthermore, we approach our content with the utmost respect, honoring the beliefs and traditions we explore.

Who We Are?

Brian J. Harrison

My name is Brian, the mind behind https://www.midsouthpresbytery.org/.

As a certified spiritual life coach, astrologer, and healer with a rich history of assisting numerous clients, my journey has been dedicated to elevating individuals to higher realms of consciousness in their pursuit of inner fulfillment.

My profound passion lies in exploring spiritual meanings and interpretations, and this platform serves as my canvas to impart my extensive experiences, learnings, occasional missteps, and innovative ideas.

It is my hope that anyone searching for greater meaning or wanting to expand their spiritual understanding may find inspiration in these pages.

I aim to provide value by reflecting on my own trials and growth areas when it comes to leading a conscious, awakened life.

Join me as I chronicle my adventures across landscapes of spiritual symbolism, mindfulness, and self-realization. Let’s walk this profound path together.

My Early Age

In my early years, an insatiable curiosity about the hidden realms, the mysteries that lay beyond our ordinary perceptions, ignited within me.

I embarked on a profound journey of exploration, delving into spiritual practices that included aura reading, lucid dreaming, dream interpretations, and various other divinatory techniques.

Little did I know that this exploration would eventually evolve into my life’s passion – spirituality.

However, my path wasn’t without its challenges. Through my teenage years and into adulthood, I grappled with recurring episodes of depression. I felt a yearning for something meaningful I couldn’t grasp, like chasing a half-forgotten memory. I was on an earnest quest for answers.

In my pursuit of understanding, I pursued higher education at the university, focusing on Religion, Philosophy, and Mysticism. This academic journey opened doorways to new perspectives on spirituality that spoke to my soul.

My offerings as a spiritual guide continue evolving as I do. Each client I encounter becomes both a student and a teacher in my life’s classroom. Their experiences and insights propel me to create, learn, and explore further.

Every session with them is a lesson, guiding me to navigate the intricacies of life, fostering self-awareness, mastery, and the pursuit of a harmonious existence in alignment with one’s soul – the pinnacle of true happiness.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and soulful living. Together we’ll explore spiritual practices, energy work, and inner peace. There are always new depths to plumb as we walk the path awake and aware.

Jenny Taylor

Meet Jenny Taylor, the dedicated Executive Editor at the MidSouthPresbytery website.

With her skillful touch, she ensures that each article is not only responsible and up-to-date but also remarkably comprehensible and genuinely helpful.

Jenny brings a wealth of experience to her role, with a background in writing and editing for different magazines and enterprises.

Over her impressive 12-year career, she has honed her expertise in crafting articles that delve into biblical interpretations and explore various spiritual topics.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch content, Jenny is an integral part of our team, ensuring that our readers receive nothing but the best.